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Elixir Spa | Jumeirah Skin Care Services


Treat yourself to an award-winning, natural, organic and Biodynamic® skin care line that delivers beautiful results. Using products, bursting with juicy pulps, seeds and herbs, the product feeds your skin with an all-natural product.[...]

1.Organic AHA Paprika
2.Sweet Red Rose Aromatherapy
3.Eight Greens Firming
4.Citrus C Deep Cleansing
Jumeirah French Manicure
Body Treatments

Experience the ultimate state of relaxation with a variety of massage techniques. Combining gentle rhythmic strokes, palming, kneading, and skin rolling, this therapy releases tense muscles..[...]

1.Berry Beautiful Body Treatment
2.Herbal Cellulite Slimming Treatment
3.Hydrating Body Polish